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Guide: College Majors - Marine Biology

Guide: How to create plots that people care about.


Anonymous asked:

How do I name my roleplay? Like how do I come up with ideas?

Well it just depends on what normally inspires you. Music, writing, ect. Look at the theme of your roleplay and just make sure it’s relevant. 


The year is 2048. Evolving technologies can no longer be regulated. Dangerous advancements forever alter the criminal landscape. Police are not prepared. Law enforcement combats this corruption with a new line of defense…

Anonymous asked:

Amen nonny! What bugs me more is when RPH's apply from their help account and then proceed to talk up the RP and hype it up and get their friends to join and so on and then a potentially good RP becomes over run and not as fun as it could've been.

Well I have to say I disagree with that part. I think most forms of promotion are good. As long as the admin is picky when accepting apps the rp shouldn’t become over run.


Anonymous asked:

you know what bothers me to no end? seeing all these big name rphs that preach about how you have to be active and shit joining rpgs and doing nothing. or joining then going inactive/disappearing after a few days. And what makes it worse is that a lot of admins will accept them before someone else who may have been better for the role just because they submitted as an rph. idk i just had to rant a bit about that.

Ugh yes I know. Actually a lot of the times rphs can be some of the worst players. I mean maybe i’m being hypocritical but from experience most rphs are usually not very active at all.


Who wants to volunteer as tribute to help make me a banner for Pokemon the RP because i’m hopeless. 



Game of Thrones Wedding Cake

oh yeah lets just have a game of thrones themed wedding

what can possibly go wrong?


live preview // pastebin

  • 500px post
  • 2 sidebar images: 250x160px
  • Images included
  • 4 sidebar links
  • Allydia transparent badge
  • Hovering over the badge reveals an updates bar

To change the text in the updates bar go into ‘Edit HTML’ and search for <!—BADGE OPTIONS—> that’s where you can add your text (ex: currently reading/watching/making, updates, to do lists, favorites, quotes, tidbits, etc.)

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  • Please don’t move/remove credit. Do not use as a base. Do not redistribute or claim as your own. If you need any help with this theme feel free to contact me, here.


For the last few months I’ve been constantly receiving messages regarding this text effect and how I use it in my graphics. And the day has finally come, as I no longer plan to use it maybe. Click Read More to see a step-by-step tutorial:

You’ll need:

  • After Effects CS4 or higher (download links are not provided in this tutorial)
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • A lot of patience

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